Best Penis Enlargement Pills Review. Consumer’s GUIDE [2021]

Thousands of men around the would like to have a big penis. The condition is not surprising because most women prefer men with larger manhood.

Can natural penis enlargement medicines make your penis bigger? A small penis can be a serious problem, but most men do not know where to begin when they want to get the additional inches.

TOP 5 penis enlargement pills in 2020

#1. VigRx Plus (1 200 000 boxes sold)

This is a potent blend of FDA-approved ingredients that help your sexual health to improve:

  • Faster erections on demand;
  • Longer and wider erections;
  • Bigger penis in length and width(add 1-3 inches);
  • Stronger orgasms;
  • Better stamina;
  • Better control over your ejaculation.;

Brief Vigrx Plus review:

Amazon rank: #1
Certified product:
Approved by dr. Dave David (M.D. and Surgeon)
Ingredients: 100% natural;
Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health(USA);
Year on the market: 17
Clinical trials: published in US National Library of Medicine, BioMed Central
# of customers: 1 200 000
Prices: 1 box – $69,
2 boxes –
$129 (Save $50)
3 boxes – $179 (Save $90),
6 boxes –
$329 (Save $210), 
12 boxes $589 (Save $490).

Benefits: permanent penis enhancement results (1-3 inches in length and 0.5-1.5 inches in width), harder erections, better stamina, multiple orgasms, better sex drive;
First/Max results: You will see the first male enhancement effect in 7-30 days; You can expect a maximum penis growth in 360 days
Detailed review: read here
Money back: 67-day
Official site:

Where to Buy VigRx Plus Male Enhancement Pills in 2021?

It’s strongly recommended to buy Vigrx Plus pills from the official website to save up to 50% on your order, receive a 67-day money-back guarantee, some bonus gifts + free shipping.

You have nothing to lose – this is a herbal supplement, that gives no side effects. You can enlarge your penis and increase your erection at the same time.

The first penis growth results will be noticed in 14 days. Here’s what people are saying on forums:

VigRx Plus Before and After Pictures

Here are the current Vigrx Plus pricing offers:

  • 1 box – $69,
  • 2 boxes – $129 (Save $50)
  • 3 boxes – $179 (Save $90),
  • 6 boxes – $329 (Save $210), 
  • 12 boxes $589 (Save $490). (Free global shipping, 1 free Semenax Bottle)

#2. Neosize XL (proven effective)

Brief Neosize XL Summary:

Amazon rank: #2
Money back guarantee:
Years on the market: 10+
# of customers: 150 000+
First/max results: 30 days/180 days
Benefits: harder erections, bigger penis(3 inches in 6 months), explosive orgasm, better sexual stamina
Prices: 1 month –$54.95, 2 months – $89.95, 3 months – $129.95(10% discount), 6 months – $239.95, 12 months – $349.95
Official store:

NeoSize XL is one of the best penis enlargement pills on the market. It works the same way as Vigrx Plus, but it’s cheaper and less promoted.

There have been several clinical testings of this capsule. The results show a penis enlargement effect which becomes visible in three weeks.

Men trust NeoSize XL because of its strong male enhancement effect. Penis size is connected to the power of your erection and sexual health.

You cannot make your penis bigger if you have a problem with erectile dysfunction. That’s why NeoSizeXL helps to increase your erection and stamina to stretch your penis. Click here to buy NeosizeXL.

#3. Member XXL

Quick Member XXL Facts:

Amazon rank: #3
Money-back guarantee:
# of customers: 100 000+
First/max results: 30 days/180 days
Benefits: non-invasive method of penis enhancement, up to 9 cm penis growth, improves penis hardness and stamina
Ingredients: Chinese magnolia fruit, Ginseng root, Saffron, Black pepper
Prices: 1 bottle –$59, 2 months – $118, 6 months – $177(buy 3 get 3 free)
Official store:

Member XXL is a famous penis enlargement pills that starts to work right after the first pill and provides amazing gains of up to 9 cm. Dr. Richard Simon recommends using this formula to improve your sexual life.

Almost 70% of men who tried Member XXL report significant changes in the size of their penises.

The 90-day money-back guarantee ensures customers of the effectiveness of this penis enlargement formula.

You will have to take only 2 capsules a day to make your sex life better. It’s recommended you also use penis traction (Quick Extender Pro) or penis pumping device (Bathmate) for faster and more impressive gains.

#4. XtraSize

XtraSize Facts:

Amazon rank: #4
Money-back guarantee: 90-day
# of customers: 70 000+
First/max results: 45/180
Benefits: bigger penis(1-3 inches), more intense orgasm, harder erections
Prices: 1 pack –$79, 2 packs – $129, 6 packs – $159
Official store:

Most of the male enhancement medicines do not work as claimed. You will not get any penis enlargement effect if you’re trying simply to get rid of your ED.

The XtraSize formula helps to enlarge your penis by improving blood flow and expanding your penis tissues – known as the corpora cavernosa.

It’s impossible to stretch your penis by simply taking pills; you have to exercise your penis by using:

Yes, XtraSize makes your erections harder, but there will be no permanent gains if you do not want to stretch or pump your penis.

It is essential that you take penis enlargement pills and also stretch your penis using the devices mentioned above.

By taking XtraSize, you will be able to improve the capacity of the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum, which are responsible for your penis size.

#5. Male Extra(most wanted capsule)

Brief Male Extra Review:

Amazon rank: #5
Money back guarantee: 60-day
Years on the market: 10+
# of customers: 350 000+
First/max results: 14 days(0.5 inches)/180 days(2.6 inches)
Benefits: harder and longer erection, bigger penis, stamina improvement
Prices: 1 month –$64.95, 4 months – $197.95, 6 months – $249.90
Detailed review: read here
Official store:

Male Extra is another popular male enhancement supplement on the market. This formula has been patented and recommended by doctors.

That’s why thousands of men use Male Extra as their #1 male enhancement supplement.

It’s worth trying the product with a Bathmate penis pump or Quick Extender Pro for fast penis enlargement results.

Other Methods

There are several penis enlargement methods commonly used to increase the size of the penis:

  • Enlargement surgery;
  • Penis pumping using Bathmate Hydromax;
  • Penis stretching ;
  • Penis enlargement exercises;

Some of these methods work and others do not.

To be honest, most men want to choose to enlarge their penis naturally rather than resorting to surgery or other dangerous methods.

Some men do not realize that proper, simple nutrition can have an impact on the size of the penis. But this effect will be not really visible if you do not also take powerful penis enlargement pills like VigRx Plus.

VigRx Plus formula helps to make your erection stronger and your penis bigger, because now more blood can come to the corpora cavernosal. If you regularly take the VigRx Plus supplement, your penis tissues are stretched during your erection.

If you stretch your penis with a penis extender like the Quick Extender Pro, you can enlarge your penis faster and the results will be permanent.

If you want to make your penis bigger, it’s important to use a combination of penis enlargement methods to speed up the results and get guaranteed penis growth. The following three types of foods can help men to increase their penis size.


Clinical facts
The study showed that men who successfully expand their penis usually have a healthy heart.

Potassium is found in bananas which can help with a healthy heart and also with proper blood circulation.

With good blood circulation and a healthy heart, penile growth is achieved. Eating a banana can also help keep the sodium in the body at low levels, which helps prevent heart disease and other heart problems.

VigRx Plus male enhancement pills contain bananas in the formula for greater sexual improvement.


This fish is rich in essential fats such as omega-3 healthy fats, which helps in thinning the blood (low viscosity), which in turn helps in blood circulation throughout the body.

Research has shown that having a healthy blood flow is one of the main factors in strength and harder erections.

Quick note
You can find omega-3 in VigRx Plus medicine for penis enhancement.


Many do not know that garlic is food that is essential for healthy blood circulation. It also helps prevent blood clots. It also gives a great advantage to increases blood flow to the heart and the penis.

Also, you will help VigRx Plus treatment by eating three main meals consisting of plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and grain. At the same time, you also need to eliminate the consumption of junk food in your diet.

Can onion or garlic enlarge your penis? The answer is yes and no, depending on how your body’s metabolism handles it. For you to know that the method adds penis size with the help of onions is not by applying them, but by eating onions.

It is useful to help facilitate the flow of blood to the penis. VigRx Plus penis pills work the same way. They can be accompanied by natural training massage techniques.

Doing this step is safe. With the blood flowing smoothly, this can certainly facilitate the enlargement process so that men, by combining natural and reliable methods(penis traction, penis pumping, and supplements) for natural penis enlargement, can make the penis bigger, longer, and stronger.

If you want to know more tips about the penis enlargement, visit – Alpha XR.

Myths and Truth about Penis enlargement

The topic of male enhancement has been a topic of discussion on the Internet throughout its existence. But the changes over 20 years have been very significant.

As a blogger, I heard about “magic pills” 20 years ago, which were able to increase a penis by 3-4 inches in a couple of weeks. And do not do anything – the penis grows by itself and the result is always excellent for all men.

The time has come to put an end to myths and uncover the truth, let’s start with this.

Myth #1. Penis growth pills exist and can be bought

In fact, the existence of pills for penis enlargement is refuted by many doctors. You need to understand that today such a definition is characterized by supplements that are able to increase the size of the erogenous penis due to the additional blood flow.

Natural Penis pills like VigRx Plus have truly proven that. And they really work to enhance an erection. In fact, this is an increase in penis size.

Myth #2. If you take pills your penis grows and in a relaxed state

This is just a myth since none of the existing pills can affect the size of your penis in a relaxed state. But penis extenders and pumps like Bathmate, which can stretch the penis’ tissues and have actually become longer, have long been created and are being sold.

Myth #3. You don’t need to take medicines if you stretch your penis by hand or penis extender

Many men are skeptical about taking dietary supplements to enhance an erection. And they do it in a mix because penis enlargement is a whole strategy in which not only external but also internal impact is important.

The principle is the same as in bodybuilding. You can do any number of exercises on machines, but muscle growth will only begin when you start taking creatine, protein, amino acids.

Corpus Carvenosa is also a muscle and the same factors apply to it as for other muscles. If you want to enlarge your penis, you need to take dietary supplements with active substances that stimulate an erection, male sexual strength and promote penile growth both in an erogenous and relaxed state.

Myth #4. There are many different penis enlargement pills on the market that work roughly the same

This is completely wrong. Today’s trusted formula that can stimulate an erection naturally only a few, let’s list VigRx Plus is, Prosolution Plus, Prosolution Pills, ExtenZe, Neosize XL. You can trust only these names since these tablets have been on the market for a very long time. But among them, there is no equal VigRx Plus.

Myth #5. None of the tablets on the market have medical evidence of effectiveness

It is not true. There is one VigRx Plus formula that has actually passed clinical trials, its results have been confirmed by doctors and there are official facts of the effectiveness of this product. No other formula on the market has a single documented fact of effectiveness.

Myth #6. Any male enhancement pills contain hidden ingredients that cause side effects

It’s easy to think so, but it’s not true. Most manufacturers do hide the list of ingredients, but there are public companies that document research on tablets. This applies to Leading Edge Health . 4 out of 5 effective penis pills on the market was developed by this particular company. And you can trust the manufacturer because its products are very popular in the world.

Myth #6. Buying penis enhancement capsules are a waste of money

The statement is very doubtful but applicable to those buyers who buy while looking. The fact is that today on the market there may be about 1000 or more brands of penis enlargement pills.

Trusting customers complain that the pills do not work and they bought them on questionable sites. No one is safe from this, but before buying such pills you need to study the market, read reviews, and understand what works and what doesn’t. But it was precisely such disgruntled buyers who formed the opinion that such pills do not work.

Myth #7. Supplements do not give results. Do not take it

In fact, penis growth pills such as VigRx Plus begin to work in the first 2 weeks. This is due to the fact that these tablets do not contain synthetic ingredients, which means they can not work quickly.

They are completely natural and begin to work through time. They have a cumulative effect, so we recommend a course of admission – 12 months. This is the period in which you constantly see an improvement in erection strength, penis size, sexual desire, and orgasm.

Myth #8. All penis pills are made in China and they are of very poor quality

Most penis pills are actually made in China, Cambodia, Taiwan, and other countries. But the VigRx Plus formula, ExtenZe for example, is made in the USA. This product is certified in this country and sold worldwide.

Myth #9. It’s better to buy herbal extracts separately than a complex formula

It is not true. The fact is that to stimulate an erection, a man needs a whole complex of vitamins and minerals that are found in completely different herbs and plants.

There is no point in taking, for example, Yohimbe, L – Arginine, because you need at least another 7-8 components and the dosage should be balanced. Exactly what is proposed in such formulas as VigRx Plus, ExtenZe, etc.

Myth #10. If I bought tablets, then the guarantee for them does not work. No one will return the money

In fact, a guarantee on the effectiveness of the best penis enlargement pills is offered by almost all sellers, and when it comes to refunds, no one answers you. This, unfortunately, is true, but not quite.

If you buy VigRx Plus tablets, the guarantee really works and the company returns money within 67 days to those who are not satisfied with the tablets. But there are only a few of them since the formula really works.


James Carlton

James Carlton(journalist and a medical blogger)